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We dedicate our efforts to providing residential and commercial roofing services for clients throughout the Billings, Montana. We install and repair shingle roofs, metal roofs, and flat roofs. We serve in Billings, Williston, ND, Spearfish, SD, and Sioux Falls, SD. And of course we travel to the surrounding areas of each location.

We offer free roof evaluations and inspections. And now we are offering home inspections! Rest assured that we only suggest home improvements and roofing work that need to be done. Our services include:

Why You Need A Roof Inspection


A professional roof inspection from a roofing contractor can help you determine when a warranty claim should be filed. It may also help you avoid paying for repairs that are covered by a warranty.


Any roof with a hatch or skylight should be inspected routinely. These are potential targets for vandalism or burglary. They also tend to be a source of leaks and anything you can do to avoid leaks will help your home stay in good condition.


Inspections can help identify improvements that are needed for any building. This includes shingles, roofing projects for your home or business, or just getting the knowledge or experience needed for a homeowner or business owner.


If you have work done on your home or business that requires access to the roof, like for your heating or air conditioning system, damage can be done to your roof. Debris may also be left up there.


Any roof with a hatch or skylight should be inspected routinely. These are potential targets for vandalism or burglary. They also tend to be a source of leaks.

Storm Damage

Strong winds and hail storms are two pretty common occurrences in the Idaho Falls and Pocatello areas. Both can cause damage to your roof. And if the damage is minor, you may not realize it has happened. With an inspection — you’ll know.


The best way to make sure you avoid leaks in your roof is through an annual inspection. An experienced professional can conduct a complete inspection of the roof and identify the cause of a leak if there is one. We’ll also show you any areas of concern that may lead to future leaks and discuss leak prevention options.


You never know what is going to end up on your roof. Trash, leaves, toys, etc can lead to damage to the roof or interfere with drainage. It's just one more reason why roof inspections are important.


Critters are nothing but bad news for your roof. Whether it is birds, squirrels, or something else — if they are on your roof, you’ll want to get rid of them ASAP!


In addition to inspecting your roof, your gutters need to be checked as well. They need to be cleaned out before they get too clogged up and cause damage to your home.


Regular roof inspections can make a big difference in what you pay for home insurance. You never know when keeping records of your inspections will pay off.

Energy efficiency

When your roof begins to have problems, it affects more than your roof. One major area of impact is in your home is temperature regulation. Your energy bills can skyrocket over time with a roof that isn’t performing.